Consulting and planning

Tax accounting and planning is increasingly complex and onerous with the continuous amendment of tax law and regulation. Consequently our tax specialists are continually looking at the implications and opportunities of every development in tax legislation.

Our specialists understand and can interpret those laws to meet our clients’ unique needs and the environment in which they operate. Only by doing so, we provide clients with the best possible service, keep them up-to-date with the latest changes, and provide effective and valuable advice on international tax and estate duty planning. We regularly advise both individuals and corporations on ways to minimize their tax liabilities. Special attention is always paid to ensure that any such arrangements comply with local, as well as overseas tax laws, where applicable, with a view to achieving the most efficient tax structures. This is particularly important in situations where tax arrangements involve international jurisdiction. We support our clients by providing advice in areas of business and financial strategy, family business and succession planning, assets sales and acquisitions

We offer a range of taxation services include:

  • China tax advisory services
  • Individual and corporate tax advisory
  • International tax advisory services
  • Tax investigation support